Scholarship Information

LAHIDAN Student FNCE® Scholarship

Application Deadline:  April 1, 2020  **DEADLINE EXTENSION: April 15, 2020**

Purpose: To enable a LAHIDAN undergraduate/graduate student member in the field of Dietetics/Nutrition or a Dietetic Intern to attend the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®). The goal of the scholarship is to foster the mentoring of future nutrition leaders.

Award: The scholarship recipient will receive $800 USD and will be recognized at the LAHIDAN member reception held at FNCE®. The recipient of the award is required to submit an article for the LAHIDAN newsletter in collaboration with the editor, within 30 days after attending FNCE®. Payment by check will be mailed to the recipient upon receipt of their newsletter article.

Eligibility: All active LAHIDAN student members are eligible. Current members of the Nominating/Awards Committee and the LAHIDAN Executive Committee are not eligible for the award.

Selection Criteria: The Nominating Committee will select the best candidate based on the following:

1.  The application is typed and submitted electronically by April 15.
2.  The applicant must be able to travel to FNCE® and assist in any LAHIDAN function, as specified by a LAHIDAN Executive Committee member, up to 4-6 hours of volunteer time. FNCE® will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 17-20, 2020.
3.  The applicant provides a verification of college/internship attendance (by having program director sign their application form) and current or last GPA (in the case of those enrolled in an internship).
a.  The applicant provides his/her resume.
4.  The applicant provides a personal statement (max. 2 pages, double spaced) which:
a.  Describes his/her career goals
b.  Specifies how the attendance to FNCE® will assist in developing these goals
c.  Describes his/her interest in the field of Nutrition
d.  Specifies ability and willingness to volunteer 4-6 hours during FNCE®
5.  The applicant provides one letter of recommendation from a professor, program director or preceptor/tutor. The professor, program director or preceptor/tutor should be qualified to give pertinent information about the candidate regarding his/her ability, potential, professional qualifications and school or volunteer work experience.

Application Process and Entry Deadline: Application for the LAHIDAN FNCE® student scholarship must be submitted electronically to Nominating Chair at by April 15. The LAHIDAN Nominating Chair will notify applicants of the results via email by May 1st.  Incomplete applications will be disqualified.  A complete nomination application package will include the following:

1.  Cover sheet
2.  Resume
3.  Personal statement explaining how he/she meets the selection criteria as indicated above (including a brief description of financial situation or special circumstances as applicable)
4.  Professor, program director or preceptor/tutor letter of recommendation

Scholarship Recipient’s Duties:

  • Recipient must attend FNCE® 2020 and be available to provide 4-6 hours of volunteer time during any LAHIDAN function at FNCE® (such as assist at the LAHIDAN exhibit booth during the DPG/MIG Showcase, or assist at the LAHIDAN member reception, etc.).
  • Recipient must write a one-page, double-spaced summary of a FNCE® session attended, including how they might apply this information in their training/career. It must be suitable for printing in LAHIDAN’s Adelante newsletter.